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True Stories I Made Up

A blog by Trevor Sostarich.

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Oct 10 '14

I’m five months sober today. I don’t plan on ever going back.

Oct 8 '14

It really sucks waking up and receiving a text message informing you someone has passed away. It also really sucks not being able to make the service because you’re working so much. I have no idea what to do.

Tags: personal blog
Sep 27 '14

This time next year I’ll be relocated to St. Augustine. That’s going to be fun. Hopefully the band can get a place together and we can just go full time with it.

Aug 26 '14

Today is the day. A day of nothing but getting inked. Nick really wants to redo everything on me and finish my right arms sleeve. It’s going to look really good.

Jul 23 '14

I have a solid thirty minutes for standup comedy. This is going to be awesome in the long run. I cannot wait to get on a stage and test this stuff out.

Jul 23 '14

Holy poop! I’m going to be in NYC and Vermont in a month. That came up so fast.

Jul 21 '14

This Week

- Go to interview.
- Get job.
- Start writing with the band.
- Go to the beach.
- Hangout with my sister.
- Hangout with friends.
- Gym everyday.
- Go see Wish I Was Here.
- Go back to full blown clean eating.
- Read a book.
- Create, create, create.

Feb 8 '14

I’ve definitely have made more friends here in Jacksonville than I thought and they’re all upset I’m leaving. So much that they’re refusing to go to the bar at my job if I’m not there.

Nov 6 '13

Fighting sleepy feelings because I’m doing laundry and watching Scrubs. Christina is already in bed and I can’t wait to join her, but I want to get all this stuff out of the way before we leave on Thursday to go see my parents in Georgia. Good thing I got all the dishes out of the way.

Oct 1 '13

First day at the new job. So far it’s interesting and somewhat exciting. I just like the fact I wear ties everyday. Still gotta get used to this town more and know where everything is.

Sep 28 '13

Got myself a grown up job today! Tomorrow I’m going apartment shopping as well as shopping for more professional clothes. Life is good.

Sep 22 '13

Eye exam today to get myself some new glasses. The ones I currently have are starting to irritate my eyes and the lenses have gotten scratched to hell. Maybe I should pick a different frame style? We’ll see.

Sep 16 '13

Do I go to Publix for a sub or go to Chipotle for a burrito bowl? Hmm…

Sep 13 '13

Back in the Dirty D for a little bit. Finally got my sleep schedule back in order! Woohoo!

Today I’m heading to St. Augustine with Jon to go see Mumford & Sons, fun., Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeroes, The Vaccines, and many more. It’s going to be an awesome two days, though Wednesday and Thursday have already made my week.

I hope everyone has a great day and an awesome weekend!

Sep 12 '13

Sitting in a Barnes & Noble Starbucks in Jacksonville filling out applications and I keep getting distracted by these two old men who keep falling asleep in these chairs while reading the books they’ve selected. It’s almost as if it’s a meeting to read but get a nap in as well. I’m kind of wondering if they know one another and if it’s organized. It’s distracting, but I find it humorous. Time to get back to filling out applications. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!