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True Stories I Made Up

A blog by Trevor Sostarich.

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Oct 20 '14

My cat came home today! That was a stressful few days.

Now I want to ride more roller coasters. I work everyday this week but tomorrow so I think I’ll go next week at some point. Solo theme park trips can be fun, right?

Oct 10 '14

I’m five months sober today. I don’t plan on ever going back.

Oct 8 '14

It really sucks waking up and receiving a text message informing you someone has passed away. It also really sucks not being able to make the service because you’re working so much. I have no idea what to do.

Tags: personal blog
Sep 27 '14

This time next year I’ll be relocated to St. Augustine. That’s going to be fun. Hopefully the band can get a place together and we can just go full time with it.

Sep 12 '14

I probably spend 98% of my free time alone. I enjoy it though. I’m good company.

Sep 10 '14


What is one experience you’ve been through that has completely changed you? How do you compare now to your old self before said experience?

We all go through changes and life altering events. I want to hear about them. Send me your answer through my ask box. You can either be anonymous or not, I won’t be jude you. I’m using these stories for inspiration for songs for my band’s (Less Than A Sea) upcoming album, Always Dying

Aug 26 '14

Today is the day. A day of nothing but getting inked. Nick really wants to redo everything on me and finish my right arms sleeve. It’s going to look really good.

Aug 25 '14

Tomorrow I’m getting tattooed all damn day. Time to get the right arm finished up and get the left arm redone.

Aug 16 '14
Jul 23 '14

I have a solid thirty minutes for standup comedy. This is going to be awesome in the long run. I cannot wait to get on a stage and test this stuff out.

Jul 23 '14

Holy poop! I’m going to be in NYC and Vermont in a month. That came up so fast.

Jul 21 '14

This Week

- Go to interview.
- Get job.
- Start writing with the band.
- Go to the beach.
- Hangout with my sister.
- Hangout with friends.
- Gym everyday.
- Go see Wish I Was Here.
- Go back to full blown clean eating.
- Read a book.
- Create, create, create.

Jul 1 '14

Firefly and cardio. This is how I’m ending my evening. I might stay up and do some strength training as well.

Jun 22 '14

Looking into becoming a drug and alcohol counselor. This stuff really intrigues me.

Jun 1 '14


Drop thirty pounds by August and get ripped.